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Women's World Chess Championship 2011.

"The first game of the match finished with a draw. Although there is no anti-draw rules at the event and the players can agree for a peaceful result anytime, Hou Yifan and Humpy Koneru played until the late endgame."

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Hou Yifan wins Women's Grand Prix.

"A draw against Antoaneta Stefanova was enough for women's world champion Hou Yifan to coast to victory with 8.0/11 and a 2692 performance."

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Little Known Feminist.

"The woman I met two years ago at the Congress of Racial Equality's annual Martin Luther King gala certainly deserves to be a feminist icon..."

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Almira Skripchenko, chess IM and poker professional

"Almira Skripchenko, who was born on 17 February 1976, in Chisinau, Moldova, but now lives in Paris, is a FIDE International Master and Woman Grandmaster..."

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European Women's Championship: Cmilyte is champion!

"It was a tough competition but Lithuanian GM Viktorija Cmilyte made it almost seem easy. After a five in five start she stumbled against Stefanova, but responded as if nothing had happened and still finished on an incredible 9.0/11 and a 2692 performance, including eight wins in eleven games."

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Hou Yifan wins the First Women Master in Wuxi.

"This astonishing 17-year-old, who already owns the women's world championship title, went into this tournament as top seed and by winning her final two games took first place a full point ahead of the field."

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Old News.

Mujeres al Ataque

Sznapik,Aleksander (2390) - Gaprindashvili,Nona (2425)
Vitrobud op Sandomierz (8), 1976
Juegan negras y ganan.

Respuesta del diagrama anterior

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